If you haven't already broker ground it is better to wait until after your loan closes escrow

BROKEN PRIORITY is established once ANY work commences on your property. This would include work done by you, even though it may not generate a bill of an amount due. Following is a list of some of the actions that have established a broken priority. It is very important that you DO NOT do any of the following until after your loan closes escrow. If you do break ground (any of the following) it may cause the title company not to issue the title insurance that we need in order to fund a loan for you!:

Prune trees.

Do any grading.

Do any clearing.

Drive in stakes.

Move rocks.

Park equipment on the property. Put in well.

Put in septic.


String out foundation.

Mark the ground in any way. Break ground, even with a shovel!

Have material delivered... gravel, etc.

Anything done on the property could establish broken priority, the only safe bet is to DO NOTHING TO THE PROPERTY, PUT NOTHING ON THE PROPERTY.

THE TITLE COMPANY WILL INSPECT YOUR PROPERTY AN HOUR OR SO BEFORE YOUR LOAN ESCROW CLOSES. If the title company determines that you have a broken priority, your loan will not close and you will then have to qualify for your title insurance, that is submit an assett and liability statement, show proof of income, etc.

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