I cant give out investors phone numbers for you to call the same way I could never give out your phone number but if you are interested in first trust deed investments but wish to check up on me a little first you can check on me through the Dept of Real Estate. I have been licensed for 32 yrs as a broker without so much as even a petty complaint. You can confirm my standing in about 10 seconds by plugging my below brokers license number into the bottom space/field at this CA Dept of RE web site.

My license number is Ca. Dept of Real Estate Brokers Lic. # 00426805

Secondly why not look at the addresses of the last 1,300 homes I have financed the construction of. There may be some near you.

See what the Better Business Bureau has in the way of complaints after 25 years and 1300 loans:

It might not hurt to follow the below link and read for example my 37 tips I distribute for free to protect investors that aren't my investors.

When you read these 37 tips you will see that for example we never handle any money ever at any stage of the entire process. So if you wonder how "I can safely send my money out" it is never sent to me. It is sent by you directly to the title company.

We recently went thru an audit by the CA Dept of Real Estate and here is their findings.

Lastly all loans are serviced at no cost to you by

where you can view your investments online 24/7 from any computer with the pin number that will be sent to you after close.

I hope this has at least answered some of your questions about me.

Testimonials From A Few Of Our Investors

I suppose I could not have made it thru 32 yrs without even so much as a small claims suite if there was a problem with my program let alone how could I have closed 1,300 loans. See what other investors have to say ....

"Trust deeds were the answer for us when interest rates dropped so much. They are basically hassle free and yield a high interest rate. The most important factor in dealing with trust deeds is to have a good, thorough broker. Although we have moved to another state, we are and will continue to do business with the author of this book based on our confidence in him." F & K Curtis, USA

"Trust deeds are an excellent investment providing the investor has a nominal amount of knowledge of real estate. With the proper knowledge, any investor should be able to reap handsome returns with a great amount of safety." Erton Smith, USA

"With Brad we have been able to stay ahead of the diminishing value of the dollar. We've found over the past three years that we've averaged high returns! Why watch it shrink in the bank? Yes, we're retired and living the good life." Don & Lauren, USA

 "I invest in trust deeds because I can understand trust deeds. They're simple, it's like a bond. I've been on both sides of the fence, when I first bought a house I was borrowing money, now I'm lending money. I've been making payments all my life, I understand them, I don't understand the stock market! Somebody owes me money, I have a good, safe, secure investment as long as the appraisal is correct. I intend to continue to invest in first trust deeds, and seconds. Whenever we have the right loan to value ratio, I'm there. I've been with Brad Evans for about four years now and have been very satisfied." Jack, Grass Valley, CA

"I put all my money into trust deeds. I was with Brad Evans for six years and we've had a wonderful association. I've made money and never lost a dime, in fact, in the first three years I doubled my net worth and three years following that I doubled it again! So you can see how successful trust deeds are!" Jim Saffores, Grass Valley, CA

"Investing in well selected deeds of trust is the best way I know of to earn 10% or more interest income. It's easy to do. Most TD's are easy to manage, the yield is predictable and the yield/reward ratio is as good as you can get anywhere on passive investments. Trust deed investing is not for everyone. Nobody should commit all his available money to trust deeds, particularly if maintaining a steady income stream is important; the borrower might stop making the required payments. In addition, in the event of a serious default, you might have to put up additional money to pursue foreclosure. For a junior trust deed, you might have to come up with lots of additional money to keep from getting wiped out by foreclosure on the senior loan. My enthusiasm for trust deed investing is tempered only slightly by the knowledge that this investment medium is not idiot proof. While it's possible to lose money with trust deeds, losing is not obligatory. If you're careful and knowledgeable, you should never lose. I like trust deed investing. I expect to be doing it for a long time." Anonymous

"We retired in 1960 and started investing in trust deeds. Through all those years of the high cost of living we have kept up and are ahead of inflation." Anonymous "I am a retired Real Estate Broker having been in the business for 29 years and maintaining an active office. I have been investing in trust deeds for 32 years and have always found them a safe and sound investment as well as showing a higher yield than most other saving investments. Since retiring two years ago, interest from such investments is my husband and my main source of income. We highly recommend trust deed investments through a reputable loan representative." Lois F Jennings

"I invest in trust deeds for income since retiring. Investing with a reputable broker, such as Brad Evans, is a criteria. I have been investing in trust deeds since 1969 with excellent results. I stress the need to be selective of your broker." Jack W Allison, USA

"We have been investing in trust deeds on construction loans for several years. We have used Brad Evans and we get a great yield on our investments." P.S. "We have never lost a cent of our investment!" M. Surofsky, Grass Valley, CA

"I have dealt in first and second trust deeds for the past 35 years and never hurt or lost money. The only caution I have is to be sure you're working with a reputable broker." Bill, Grass Valley, CA

"I have purchased many trust deeds over the past ten years and I consider this an excellent investment providing you investigate the borrower and inspect the property personally. I've never lost a dime and I receive maximum interest." Anonymous, Penn Valley, CA

"Do your homework and deeds of trust can be a high yield, safe and easy to manage investment. When you find a broker that understands your risk tolerance and yield requirements, stick with him or her, they can match you with current clients' needs." Marlene, Auburn, CA

"Trust deeds are the highest security, worry free investment that I know of with a good yield. With the proper precautions you cannot lose with TD's. If something should go wrong you would have a windfall profit IF you own the right kind of TD's. With TD's you are in control of your hard earned assets. Better than stocks, no fees, no loss of value, more worry free than rentals as there is no vacancy, no repairs, no risk as TD's cannot go bankrupt." Adrian, Grass Valley, CA

"For the past twenty years I have invested in trust deeds, businesses, rental property, stocks, bonds, precious metals and mutual funds. Out of all this wheeling and dealing, I've found trust deeds the most profitable, trouble free and safest investment anyone could make, provided they enlist the services of a professional trust deed broker and never, never try to deal directly with the borrower." Gino, Grass Valley, CA

In closing let me say: As you can guess there is a major difference between 'trust deed investments' and "Safer Trust Deed Investments". My definition of a safer trust deed investment is any TD investment that can meet all of the safety criteria contained in the full and complete versions of the 37 safer trust deed investing golden rules contained in my book "Better Than Gold". However, all trust deeds (even those meeting all 37 points of safety criteria) still contain some unavoidable risk. This is my opinion and is shared by at least 190 of my investors who have funded $170 mil in loans in CA. now for nearly 25 years with average yields over that period of time of 10%, 11% & more. They also feel that homes will continue to go on offering the strongest security for their dollars so long as people continue to need to live in them.

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