Borrow $250,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 against/or to build real estate anywhere In northern California. Apply online now for up to 60% of the projected future completion value of your dream home in first position, paid for or not, finished or not, or at any stage of construction.


Low low private money rates. Call now for a quote. In northern California ONLY PLEASE! 530-272-5916

(Some restrictions apply)

Typical fees & points


       Title & Escrow fees:

Title insurance (title doc' fee, recon, recording, ALTA lender's title coverage, escrow fee, draw processing fees)

  Loan origination fees

Loan points (loan doc fee, draw inspection fees if out of our area)

  Interest charged on draws held

Interest is charged on the full loan amount of your construction loan including the part of your loan proceeds held for draws or work to be completed.

Our program requires that our private lender deposit the full amount of your loan prior to close to be placed in an escrow account for you by the title company which insures that your funds will always be there ready and waiting for you (along with all accrued interest accumulated at the pass book rate) whenever you're ready for your next draw (even if the lender & I both get hit by a truck ).

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Loan Example

Our minimum loan today is now $250k and rate is 10% but

Here is an older example of a $100k loan to give you a rough idea.

Loan details: $100,000.00 no doc/no qualifier, one year construction loan to build an approx' 1,600 sq ft home on 11 acres (on file in our office) int. rate 9.5% per annum. Appraised at $170K.

Title fees
loan amt: $100K
interest proration (to the 5th of next mo.) $140.00
fire insurance premium $500.00
escrow fee $307.50
title insurance $444.50
doc' prep (title) $175.00
foundation endorsement (title) $95.25
ALTA inspection $100.00
Construction draw processing/title (4 @ $50.00 ea.) $200.00
recording trust deed $26.00
recording reconveyence $10.00
filing fee $20.00
recon' fee (original title co to remove old loan from land) $45.00

E-Z Loan origination fees
loan fee: (3.5 points) $3,500.00
loan doc fee $250
inspection fees (our inspector's travel time will be charged on all loans out of our immediate area)