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o Qualify Private Money Construction Loans, Owner Builder, Home Completion, and Land Loans Too!

No Qualify "Private Money" Owner Builder, Construction & Custom Home Financing Loans

Borrow $250,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 for 1-2-3 Years

All over Northern California

·       Easy No Qualify Construction loans

·       Easy No Qualify Owner Builder loans

·       Easy No Qualify Home Completion loans

·       Easy No Qualify Spec Home loans

·       Easy No Qualify Custom Home loans

·       Easy No Qualify Loans. No FICO scores needed here

·       No Appraisal Fees (in Western Nevada County only)

·       No Prepayment Penalties

·       No Up Front Loan Processing Fees

·       No Credit Report Fees

·       No Income Documentation

·       Tentatively Approve Yourself Now! (Northern California only)

Tired of the endless aggravation, frustration, verification and months waiting for a bank to fund your construction loan needs? Apply online in one minute right now! or see answers to callers most frequently asked questions Brad Evans Real Estate Loans, Grass Valley, California 95945 Loans in northern California only PLEASE!

Why not pre approve yourself tentatively "online" right now for an E-Z Construction Loan of up to $1 million dollars! Whether you want to build your dream home, build a four-plex, remodel your existing home, build 5 spec homes or just add on a den, It's EASY! Because private money E-Z Construction Loans are approved primarily based on real estate equity those in need of a loan can cut through all that usual red tape you used to have to deal with in order to obtain construction financing! It's easy to tentatively approve your loan needs online right now to build a new home, borrow to finish an unfinished home, land or other real estate paid for or not, completed or not, or at any stage of construction! (some restrictions apply)

·       E-Z (2 minute) online application!ew!

·       E-Z one page loan package

·       References & Testimonials

·       Read Your Loan Approval Letter Now!

·       Free house plans (some restrictions apply)

·       E-Z Loan Rates (in Ca.)

·       Fax your E-Z application

·       What the heck is "Subordination"?

·       What the heck Is "Hard Money"?

·       Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions"

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