100% financing is possible

Even though we only arrange construction loans for up to 60% of the completion value 100% financing is possible. To find out how please read on...

* Here is an example of  how Fred used an E-Z Loan to buy his first home with no money down. Fred found a house he liked for $400K where the seller was willing to carry $200K in second position. We arranged a $200K first loan for Fred and he bought the house with no money down.

 * Here is a example of how Mark built his dream home with little or no down payment. Mark found a nice 5 acre parcel for $150K where the seller would carry the purchase price and subordinate to our construction loan. Mark obtained a $250K construction Loan from E-Z Loan in first position with draws and used the sellers equity to financing his startup costs (foundation and permits) and the E-Z Loan paid for all the rest of the construction through draws as worked progressed. Mark built the house with no money down and refinanced it 2 years later and paid his first and second loans off with a new 30 year mortgage. So, you are already tentatively approved for a loan of up to 60% LTV or "our loans ratio or relationship to the homes value or purchase price.

Did you want to borrow private money to put down on a home purchase or build a home. In simple language, we can arrange an E-Z Loan for you if :

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